Brand Vision

Cellulose is made from plants, which means born from water, CO2, solar energy on this planet.  NANO-SAKURA is the composite material made of this cellulose and various type of resins including biodegradable resin.  By improving resin property such as mechanical strength, and making resins to possess biodegradability, NANO-SAKURA will contribute sustainable and recyclable society in the true meaning. 

Brand Story

NANO-SAKURA was made by Green Science Alliance Co.,Ltd.  Green Science

Alliance is the chemical company who focuses in developing cutting edge high

advanced material in the field of energy and environmentally friendly area. 

Therefore, we have made NANO-SAKURA in order to create environmentally

friendly, nature made in the true sense.  Ultimately, we have to make 100 %

biodegradable material even in the marine environment.  Every year when Spring

arrives, Sakura (cherry blossoms) blooms as if they announce that Spring has come. 

That is stunningly beautiful.  We named our newly innovative material “SAKURA” to

wish that beauty comes to us every year.  And combining the word “NANO” to present

it is advanced material.  To wish NANO-SAKURA to be known to all over the world as

Beautiful SAKURA is known to everyone in the world.

Brand Future

NANO-SAKURA is new innovative material by reducing bad environmental effect.

We believe that various kinds of environmentally friendly  properties of NANO-

SAKURA can contribute to sustainable future of this planet.  However, true goal

and aim of NANO-SAKURA is not achieved yet.  We can make it even better

products by making NANO-SAKURA stronger, lighter and more environmentally

friendly.  We will continue chasing for ultimate material which is environmentally

friendly for this planet earth.


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