NANO-SAKURA is the cutting edge advanced

new materials for next generation. 

The ultimate aim for NANO-SAKURA is to

reduce plastic pollution as much as possible and

even to exterminate plastic pollution. 

This can be performed with combining

biodegradable resin and nano cellulose with

special technology of our company.  

Cellulose is the main component of plants and woods. 

Nano cellulose is the nano sized cellulose

which can be taken from plants and woods. 

Nano-Sakura is environmentally friendly

new generation material which composed of

this nano cellulose and various type of resins. 

Basic Properties

※Depends on type of mixed resin.

Increase mechanical strength / light weight /

low thermal expansion / heat durability /

dimensional stability / increase crystallinity /

absorbing property / gas barrier / viscosity increase /

scaffold for functional material / biocompatibility /

large surface area / recyclable /

sustainable natural resources



Cellulose is the most abundant biomass organic substance on this planet.  Nano cellulose can be made by breaking cellulose into nano size (1 nano meter = 1 / 1000000000 meter).   In order to create nano cellulose / resin composite, hydrophilic nano cellulose needs to be properly mixed into hydrophobic resins.  This is very difficult technology and this was one of great technological achievement of our company (Green Science Alliance Co.,Ltd.).


To reduce the harmful effect to the global environment, to reduce plastic pollution and ultimately exterminate the plastic, those were the facts that we have been focusing the most.  Petroleum based plastics have been used for many years and supported human life over century nowadays.  However, it strictly and urgently needs to be reduced or changed to new material which is environmentally friendly because plastic pollution is becoming serious issue such as marine micro plastic problem.  We will continue to improve the quality of NANO-SAKURA to even more harmless to the environment. 


There are a few types of materials in NANO-SAKURA.  For example,

・Biodegradable Materials : Nano cellulose and  

 green plastic

・Recycle Materials : Nano cellulose and plastic


・Stone Hybrid Biodegradable Materials : Nano  

 cellulose hybrid material with inorganic material

 (stone is also one of inorganic material) such as  

 calcium carbonate.


We have been concerned about plastic pollution problem since long before.  We should create innovational new material which is completely different from ordinally plastic, more environmentally friendly, harmless to the environment… Those were the reasons for creating NANO-SAKURA.  After uncountable times of failures, we have finally succeeded in making new innovative material for practical use.  We have named “SAKURA”, as everybody knows that beautiful lovely blossoms.   To wish NANO-SAKURA brand to prosper to the world…


Nano cellulose in water dispersion / 
nano cellulose in various type of organic solvent /
chemically modified cellulose




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